Top Dog Cut Apron w/ 50" Length - Blue

Top Dog Cut Apron w/ 50" Length - Blue
Product Code: 80023

The 6 Mil Apron, Top Dog's most popular style, comes in a 50" length for taller employees or those who need a little extra coverage. The apron is made out of pure polyurethane and is of one-piece construction to reduce potential contamination traps and make it easier to clean. The durable protective-wear is machine washable and dryer-safe to 180°F.
Five colors support food industry color-coding plans and make zoning even easier. The lightweight polyurethane makes the apron comfortable to wear and food-safe.

  • Base Code:  8002
  • Color:  Blue
  • Length:  50 in.
  • Material:  ether-based polyurethane
  • FDA Compliant Material:  Yes
  • Brand:  Top Dog
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